The Wilderness Books of Modular Maps for Tabletop Roleplay.

Created by Loke Battle Mats

A set of 2 Beautiful Map Books for tabletop roleplaying games. Wilderness themed lay flat maps for fantasy outdoor encounters. Orders will be charged from July 2021. We expect to deliver orders December 2021.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Pre-Production Samples Video
5 days ago – Tue, Apr 13, 2021 at 08:18:49 PM

We are very excited here at Loke HQ as we've just received a present from our printers!

The Pre-Production samples of The Wilderness Books of Battle Mats and The Little Book of Battle Mats - Wilderness Edition have arrived! We have put together this video so you can have a close look at the maps and see the final running order in the books.

We have a couple of tweaks (Matt spotted a repeating stone) and then we'll be going to press with these!

A brief update on where we are -

The printers have the artwork for the sticker packs and we hope to have the final pre-production sample at the end of next week.

The Immersive Screen has been approved and is printing as we speak.

Next up we are finalising the layout and writing the additional content for Untold Adventures of the Random kind which will be next to print.

Last to print will be our deck of encounter twists. We will finalise the artwork for these once the book is printing.

A preliminary timeline -

  • All products printed and leave printers - End July 2021
  • International shipping - 8 weeks - Aug & September
  • Customs & overland shipping - October
  • Arrive at Fulfilment Centres - End October
  • Booking in & processing - 2 weeks - Mid November
  • Fulfilment (2-3 weeks to clear the hubs) - End November/Start December
  • Backers receive pledges - December 2021.

You may notice we have built extra time into out timeline to allow for customs & overland shipping.  We are aware that currently there are delays in some key international ports and customs and we are allowing time for this as we have to assume the situation will not improve.

This is a general timeline as of course different countries will have different shipping times and different fulfilment times. We will be able to give you region specific updates once we clear the printers and we are "on the water".

As always, you can catch Matt working on new maps via our Twitch stream every Monday at 10pm BST (

Take care

Tam & Matt

Loke Battle Mats

The final tokens!
11 days ago – Thu, Apr 08, 2021 at 06:04:46 AM

A huge thank you to the 79% of you who have completed your survey already!

We will be locking surveys and charging cards on July 1 so if you need to make any amends/address updates in the meantime you can go back into your survey.

We have now finalised the tokens for the Wilderness Add-On scenery sheets and you can see them above. Now they're complete we've added the tokens to the digital title too. You can access them in your DriveThruRPG library (sort by updated to help find it). 

You'll find 164 tokens in the have been added to the 'Wilderness Kickstarter Rewards' Title on DriveThruRPG. 

If you can't see these try sorting your DriveThruRPG library by Update and this should bring it to the top.

Our pre-production samples for the Little Book and the Wilderness Books are due to be delivered this week so next week's update will be a video walkthrough!

Matt & Tam

Loke BattleMats

How to complete your Backerkit Survey - A step by step guide
18 days ago – Wed, Mar 31, 2021 at 11:41:03 AM

In the coming days you will receive your BackerKit survey.

This update is a complete step-by-step guide to completing it. Please remember you need to complete the survey to receive your rewards. The BackerKit survey is where we confirm your pledge level, address details and any optional purchases. It's also where we charge for shipping.

It is very important you complete your survey. We cannot ship your rewards without it!

Below is a step by step guide to completing your survey.

For this guide we will use an example backer who lives in the US, who has backed at the Extended Wilderness pledge level and pledged £37.

This is the first screen you will see. This screen shows you your pledge amount (your funds via Kickstarter) and your current pledge level.

Important to note - If you want to change pledge level This is where to do it! Just below the Get Started button is a link to 'switch your pledge level'

Make any amends you require then click Get Started

This next screen contains a summary of how the pledge manager works. 

Click 'I'm all set' and then click Next: Add-ons

 Add-Ons Screen

Now we're at the Add-Ons screen, this page is where you can see what items are included in your pledge and add any optional items you want. 

Important note - As you can see your pledge level is already in your basket and you can see all the items included on the right of the screen. Any optional purchases will appear below this.

There are three categories of items for optional purchases:

  •  Add On Items - These are items from the Wilderness campaign
  •  Additional Pledge Levels - Full pledges levels you can add on if you want multiple pledge levels
  •  Existing Catalogue - Our full range of books and decals currently available at retail are available as add on items and will ship alongside your Kickstarter rewards

Please note that shipping is based on the weight of items in your basket, we won't charge more in shipping than the amount for a 'Wilderness Master' pledge as stated during the campaign.

When you have everything you want please click Next

Shipping Screen

This is where you put in your address and confirm it. Some of our couriers cannot deliver to PO addresses so please avoid using a PO or we may have to contact you before shipping to arrange shipping to an alternative address which may delay shipping.

Click Next

Confirmation Screen

Please can you take the time to review the Pledge Items. This is a breakdown of exactly what is included in your pledge level so please check and make sure this is what you were expecting. Add On Optional Purchases are listed below this for anything you have added to your pledge.

This screen is where you pay for any optional purchases and shipping (if you did not pledge the extra as part of the Kickstarter). You will be able to see the total of pledge level, shipping and optional purchases and the credit carried across from Kickstarter.

Please note, we will not be charging the card details entered here until the 1st July 2021.

Digital Rewards  

 After the Confirmation Screen there is a screen with a link button to receive any digital reward codes.

Just click Get Your Digital Rewards

You will be then be able to copy and use the link(s) to add your digital reward(s) to your DriveThruRPG library.

If you do not have a DriveThruRPG account you will be prompted to open one. This is free. 

Once the digital rewards are in your DriveThruRPG Library they will remain there and allow you to download at your leisure.

You will receive one link for the Digital Wilderness Kickstarter title, and an additional link for the Earlybird PDF if your pledge is an Early Bird (or if you purchase it as an add-on optional purchase).

Note on the Digital Wilderness - 

There will be files added to this title as we complete them. The title currently contains the digital maps, we will add the tokens, PDF adventures, PDF random tables and PDF wilderness random encounter generator into this title in the coming days as we complete and sign off. We expect this to be complete by the end of April.

You will receive these extra files automatically in the title in your DriveThruRPG library for you to download, no further actions needed.

What happens next?

The surveys will begin to go out later today, initially to a small number of backer in each reward level, once we're happy that everything is going smoothly we will start with the mass survey sending.

Thank you all for your support and any questions we're here throughout!

Matt & Tam

Loke BattleMats

The Little Book is on the drawing table and a Backerkit update!
23 days ago – Fri, Mar 26, 2021 at 01:46:25 PM

Outcrop theme pages from the Wilderness Little Book

As we await the final sample of the Wilderness Book set to approve we have been focusing on the designs in the Little Book.  Above and below are some of the final designs :)

We hope to be able to green light the big print run this month! Once that has happened we will be able to publish our projected timeline through to delivery :)

Jungle theme pages from the Wilderness Little Book

And onto Backerkit!

We are finalising this now. The reason this is taking slightly longer than previous campaigns is that we are slightly changing how we fulfil the digital content.

For previous campaigns backers received a link directly from DriveThruRPG with the code to download the digital content.  This time around we'll be feeding the codes from DriveThruRPG into Backerkit so you'll receive the code when you complete the survey.

The reason for this change is to make it easier for backers to receive their code, and to find it in the future! It also means I can simply refer backers to Backerkit to find lost codes (not my current system of rather large spreadsheets!!) So we are hoping this will be easier for everyone involved!

This is causing a slight delay while we collate and upload the core digital content into the DriveThruRPG title ready to go!

Next Weeks update will be the step by step how to complete your survey!

Matt will be live drawing on Twitch tonight at 22:00 GMT so swing by and see the magic happening!

Matt & Tam

Loke Battle Mats

Pre-Production Samples and final map designs!
about 1 month ago – Tue, Mar 16, 2021 at 08:44:41 PM

We have reached the exciting stage of proceedings here at Loke! We have now finished the maps and ordered the pre-production sample for the two book set. Above is a closer look at our Mountain maps which Matt has reworked.

We will receive this in about 2 weeks at which point we do the final walk through to spot any last minute tweaks then we finalise the print run.

As we have thousands of these books to make we'll be staggering the production with our factory. The Wilderness Books will be the first to go to print, followed by the Little Book and the decals. Our Immersive GM Screen and the exclusive Wooden D20 will begin as soon as we have Backerkit numbers to confirm with the factory. Untold Encounters of the Random Kind (in Hardback) and Loke's Combat Twists Deck of Cards will follow. 

Everything will then ship together off to the fulfilment centres.

Backerkit is almost ready!

While waiting for Kickstarter to complete their phase and hand over details we've been hard at work getting Backerkit set up, and we're almost ready to "smoke test". This is when we send the survey to approx. 200 backers as a test to make sure everything works as it should.

Once we confirm it's good to go we'll send it out to everyone, we expect this to happen in 2-3 weeks.

(Don't worry if you're part of the test! If there are any gremlins in the survey we'll refund any over payments and we'll cover the shortfall for any underpayments! We've not gone wrong yet but we'd never leave a backer out of pocket!!)

Shipping rates

We know shipping rates are high across the board right now. We're doing our best to keep them down, and we may be able to lower some rates compared to the Kickstarter shipping table for some countries. Now we have numbers we can negotiate, but of course COVID has hit some countries and shipping routes harder than others and the price of shipping unfortunately reflects this.

Shipping will not be more than quoted on the campaign page of course.

And Finally

Matt is drawing maps for the Little Wilderness Book (I'm not allowed to rename it "pocket paddocks") and more of the tokens for the decal packs live tonight at 22.00 GMT on so do swing by and see the magic happen!

Tam & Matt

Loke Battle Mats